Tattoo'd lady, bearded baby they're my family
When I was lonely something told me where I could always be
Where I could, wish for pennies
If we had any, you'd meet me down, at the shooting gallery

Well I spent my youth under canvas roof as I roamed from town to town
I'm not fooling when I say I got no schoolin', never like the class bell sound
From inside the caravan I hear the fairground band, sounding good as they can be
You know I can't be found
But if you look around, tomorrow we'll be gone by dawn

Now hear it on the loud speaker say, the fire eater is a real fine sight to see
You know he's a death cheater, some kind of central heater, be sure to save a seat for me
Let me tell you 'bout wicked sadie, she's no baby,
The law came and tried to close her sideshow down
But soon she had the d.a. Cheering, the police chief wearing her garter for a crown

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