Leth the river run,
Let all the dreamns
Wake the nation come, the new Jerusalem
Silver cities rise the morning lights the streets
That meet them and sirenas call them on
Whit a song it`s aching we`re coming
To the edge running on the water
Coming through the fog
Your sons and daughters we the great
And small stand on a star and blaze
A trail of desire through the dark`ning
It`s asking fo the taking
Come run whit me now the sky is the
Color of blue you`re never even seen
In the eyes of your lover
Oh, mi heart is aching we`re coming to the
Edge running on the water coming through
The fog your sons and daughters (guitar)
It`s asking for the taking trembling
Shaking oh, my heart is a aching
We`re coming to the edge
Running on the water coming
Through the fog your sons
And daughters let the river run
Let all the dreamers wake the nation
Come, new Jerusalem.

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