Falling in the Darkness
Through the Rotteness
Feel my Anger
Stronger than thy hell

Welcome to the Abyss
Stone and Steel can't help you
Banned from the upper world by mortal men
We live here ..
For Thousand years we ruled the lands
We were the Tyrants
Deep in Darkness now we stay..
The Ancient Race.

Why are you descending from the Gates to Abominium?

Shut up Beast I'm Bran Mak Morn.

[repeat chorus]

Where is it?Where is the stone The Idol .
Find the stone
The Human stole it Nooo, Demons of Rlyeh

Sneaking out of Darkness
The Black stone i got it.
Reptile Men are screaming
They will never find it..

I stole their Stone to submit
the Ancient Race is bounded..
They will be the Bringer of my Revenge

You fool..
You will be damned forever
Bran Mak Morn
We'll drink your soul..

[Repeat Chorus]

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