I've been waiting on the proper time
I was hoping that you'd take my night
Make it pure and make it still
You will, you were, you will

All mine
You were saying: "when you know, you know."
When we were walking in new year's first snow.
Hushed white in alpenglow
You lay, we lay, we lay

All day
I was wondering if you'd be my wife
Be the compass in my rugged life
Come as quick, and leave until
You will, you will, you will

All mine
I was hoping you would walk with me
Down the aisles, your light gathering.
Leave your child with legacy
We lay, we lay, we lay

All day
And when she came, I grabbed her
And I dipped her in the lake,
And seldom seen a side of me
Beneath my feet my earth did shake
And I can't come down, I'm floating in spring
And swelling from the sound, and I am driftward found

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