Silent dawn
Lurking horror
Turning heart into stone
Feelings gone
Standing by
Darkest hour
Here we are all alone

Signed up
Free will
Get paid to kill
No one could restore
Second to none
Never succumb
Number of deaths i will score

We are the warriors
Came back from real hell
We have a deal
Bringing you hope
For sale

Been sadly misplaced
Untrained fighter
No intention to fight
With shaking hands
Prepare to fire
No promotion, no prize

Going down
Getting shot
Sound of a gun
All we wanted
The smile of loved ones

We are the warriors
Helpless and weakest
End up being shields
Totally defeatist

Someday, we'll be free
In our dream or in the battlefield
We'll receive forever peace

Step by step, inch by inch
We're moving slowly
The calm before the storm called war
Must have known
Nothing happens by luck

Get down
Searching for target
Weight of life
So light
You'll forget

We are the warriors
Promises and choices
Reflecting the past
You'll hear our voices

New day reaches dawn of despair
We're all falling down
No one lives forever
Lost and unfound tales of life
Last thing you will ever hear
Our battle cry
Price of life
Our battle cry

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