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Slaves of the Kingdom of Heaven


Slaves of reign of Heaven brings your
lives to the end
Give your merciful soul to the Highest
Everyone forget your own majestic

Passing whole life worshipping an
unreal figure
But the church dominion will soon end
The unyielding pride of hordes of fallen
angels turned into demons
Will arrive in heaven, destroying the
His false word now light no more see...

That's your faith, twisted words,
absurd laws
Wretched images of a merciful God
Only pain and suffering... tears of

Run away from your infamous fate
Now the light doesn't shine anymore
On your alters fucking Christians
You'll die between dreadful
You must pay for your sins
Throw in a lane of bodies and
corrupted souls

United against the church empire
In a blasphemous dark kingdom
We'll keep his rotten body
Slaves of kingdom of heaven

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