Jeramiah Jeramiah
Honey won't you please get up and light the fire
Jeramee-oh Jeramee-oh
It's so cold and dark down here the folks can't see oh

Will the meeting come to order to discuss
just exactly what the hell is gonna become of us

Sweet Melinda Sweet Melinda
She didn't know the price until she walked right in there
Now they've got her Now they've got her
Banging on her head with everything they've taught her

She's very hip but she is not too very cool
Big uniform he flipped her over with a backwards golden rule

Some will tell you Some will tell you
Tell you what you really want ain't on the menu
Don't believe them Don't believe them
Cook it up yourself and then prepare to Serve them

Dance Dance to the music in the skies
Guess which one we are and whether we live before we die.

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