So you didn't get everything you felt you needed
So what
I put your cups and your clothes in the middle of the sidewalk
Bye bye my babe
Bye bye my babe

Fuck you
Yeah, all these faces on the TV they make me nauseous
One view
Just guys in their ties talking trash liek they mean it
Oh here they come
Oh here they come

Cuz' I know i should move
But I'm in no mood
And that's why I am
The lonesome man

Bye Bye
To the thoughts I was gonna make a lot of money
I want to throw a red brick through the window of a restaurant
But here I am
And bye bye babe

Cause I know I sound rude
But I've come unglued
And that's why I am the lonesome man

Maybe later when this smoke cleas
We could speak one word or two

Cause I know I should move
But I'd rather brood
And that's why I am
The lonesome man
That's who I am

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