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Even Santa Fel In Love

Lea Salonga

He brushes back his silver hair
and checks to see if she is standing there.
After years of traveling round
with the raindeer hooves above the ground,
Never made the mrs runaway.
Remembering the night they met.
Figure skating she played hard to get.
In his red suit he sled past.
Who can resist that charming laugh.
He said he could teach her how to fly.

even santa fell in love
everybody needs someone to come home to
after the longest day
even santa fell in love
and she's the only one he wants to come back to
when the toys are put away

Bridge: even on christmas day

she sees his eyes are all a glow
anticipating children laughing in the snow
and with just his christmas touch
under mistletoe before the rush
mrs kringle feels the tingle in the heart.
Bridge (2x)

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