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My Mic Sounds Nice

Salt N Pepa

My mic sounds nice
Check one
My mice sounds nice
Check two
My mic sounds nice
Check three

Are you ready
to rock, rock y'all
to the beat y'all
keep on
and you don't stop
rockin' on
Keep rockin' on

Well, I'm the queen on the mic
and its true when I say
that the Pepa MC
is here to stay
And you know if I was a book
I would sell
cause every curve on my body's
got a story to tell
Yeah, word 'em up
W-Word 'em
Cause I'm so tough
Ya know it is a must
Now Salt get on the mic
and tell them why you're cold bust

Cause I'm oh a
I'm on, I'm on
I'm oh a
I'm so damned on
Like a grasshopper hoppin' on the mornin' lawn
Like a needle on the record when it play the son
Like little Bo Peep blowin' on his horn
you know I got to be on
MCs rockin and shockin
But it won't last
Salt's on the mic
And I'm kickin' aaa
Ask me no questions
I tell no lies
It's just a little warnin'
A word to the wise
You been hopin' and scopin'
Layin' and prayin'
But on the bottom
is where you're stayin'
Yo, laugh, ha-ha
I thought you understood
You're not related to me
So you could never be good
I know you come from Babylon
Go to Babylon and see
You babble on the mic about what you wish
but you could never
So please don't tell me how
you're gonna rock
Don't brag about the things
that you ain't got
Don't feed me lines
Cause now I'm full
My cow just died
I don't need your bull.

Yo yo turn my mic up little bit
One two, one two

My mic sounds nice
Check one
My mice sounds nice
Check two
My mic sounds nice
Check three

Right about now
As you can
In the place to be
we're not talkin' 'bout geometry
history or biology
So Sandy D.
explain this to me:
Why do they call you the Pepa MC?
You mean, you don't
Thats ashamed
Ok Salt let me explain
I'm hot like a ______
Burn down the _______
Oh now I see
Chill let me finish
I wanna make one and all understand
I don't play, I slay
When the mikes in my hand
The room temperature
reaches a hundred and four
You can scramble eggs on the floor
The pressure soars
The crowds, they roar
Sweat will drip down to your drawers
The Pepa MC is like hot ice
And I paid the price to make the mic sound nice

Forget about the rest
Yes I don't jest
You're blest
with one of America's best
So I think you all better count your blessings
When Salt is in the house
Hell's in session:

It's a fact that
I will wax
MCs out there
are gonna get smacked
Rockin' to my funky beat
I'm a trick
so I know you're gonna fall for me
Cuz this is the year
all men fear
Female MCs are movin' uphill
Salt -n- Pepa are strictly biz
You know the color of this
You know what time it is
Cuz super is the strength of the boomin' base
Nature describes our pretty face
Turnin' out
Without a doubt
Make no mistake
____ is in the house!
Word 'em up!
W-Word 'em up!

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