May I baby, hmmmm walk you home?
May I,baby, because I don't want you to be all alone, no
Now listen here, with each step my heart beats three times
Because there's so much trouble in my little mind

May I baby, come and tell you what it's all about?
May I baby, I hope you're itchin' to find out
Listen, I'm just a little boy, live behind a grocery store
I've been watchin' you come and go now
May I baby? Can I, honey, tell you how I feel?

I love the ground you walk on, yes I do
Oh I beg you and nobody else
You brighten up; look here, listen to what I'm saying
"Why, she's been through the same thing herself"

May I baby, give my little heart to you?
May I,baby, you can do anything you want to do
Tell me baby, may I, baby? May I baby?

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