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Sarah Connor

Someone like you is rare
you're not afraid to care
Always say how you feel
that's part of your appeal
we've shared some special times
i'm glad that you are mine
You showed me a better way
it's a shame you couldn't stay

i wish the miles between us could only disappear
but until that day i'll just hold back the tears

imagining you right here with me
thinking of all that could be
imagining your gentle touch
i'm missing you ohh so much
my imagination's running right out of control
i'm missing you more than you could know

you show such tenderness
i feel that i've been blessed
we've got a chemistry
that feels so right to me
i know you always said
it had to be like that
but somethimes i feel like
i'm going out of my mind



i know for now that we're gonna have to wait
the rest we're gonna have to leave to fate
it won't be long before you're right here with me
'cause it's our destiny baby

chorus 3x

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