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I Will Not Forget You

Sarah McLachlan

I remember those nights when i watched as you lay sleeping
your body gripped by some far away dream,
And i was so scared and so in love then,
And so lost in all of you that i had seen.
But no one ever talked in the darkness,
No voice ever added fuel to the fire,
No light ever shone in the doorway,
Deep in the hollow of earthly desire,
And if in some dream there was brightness,
If in some memory some sort of sign,
Then flesh be revived in the shadows,
And blessed our bodies would lay so entwined.

And i will, oh i will not forget you.
nor will i ever let you go
I will, oh i will, not forget you.

I remember how you left in the morning at daybreak.
so silent you stole from my bed.
To go back to the one who posesses your soul
And i back to the life that i dread.
so i ran like the wind to the water
Please don't leave me again i cried,
and i threw bitter tears at the ocean
But all that came back was the tide.

Chorus x 2

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Written by: Darren Phillips / Sarah McLachlan. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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