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Nobody But Me

Save Ferris

I was on the outside
Trying to find my way back in
You were the answer
I was searching for my friend

Life is crazy when you're
Always on your own
It's amazing when you
Realize that you're not alone

I should've known
A long time ago that
You were the one for me
I let my ego bring me down
And that's what blinded me

Life is crazy when you
Don't know what you've done
And I'm a fool to think that
There could be
Someone else
When I know
There's no other one

I said baby
What are you doing
Who are you fooling
Nobody but me
I said baby
Give me some time
To change your mind
Come back to me
I was nothing before you
But I became so strong
Just the things were cool when but
I had to make it wrong

Life is crazy
When you let things slip away
And now I'm sorry
Ever since the day you went away
I didn't mean to hurt you so
I never wanted you to go
Now there's nothing I can do
I spend my time
Late at night
Thinking only, about you


Ever since you went away
I haven't been the same
Now there's nothing I can do
I was on the outside tryin' to find my way back in
And now I'm right back there again

Life is crazy when you find you're all alone
But now maybe
You can change your mind
And come back home to me
Come back to me

Oh baby won't you please come

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