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Jessie And My Whetstone

Saves The Day

To me, the only thing left after a while
was that night we watched
documentaries up through morning
and then you kicked me out.
you opened up your screen door and threw me off of the porch
it was summer then and I drove home whistling
down the pike.
and that was that: our one sweet night together.
and under highway signs I watched our love start fluttering anddissipating.
I counted all the headlights to make sure I was all right.
now I'm wondering is it me or is it me that can't see silverlinings?
so I fucked it up. I watched you go
I saw my hand not dailing the phone.
all I'm left to do is remember the dull room we sat in bluestream light
watching the strike of '59.
I dreamed of wrecking my underwear.
oh can't I touch your cheeks somewhere
under dirt filled rainy nights with my socks stuck in the mud.
please come dive in puddles with me
our one sweet night together
our one sweet night together
our one sweet night together
and under highway signs i watched out love gone flutteringdissipating
i counted all the headlights to make sure i was alright

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