I'm used to being scared from time to time
Used to redefining my way of life
'cause nothing really stays the same
Nothing ever will

But lately i have come to realize
That voice inside my head belongs to me
Now everything is pros and cons
Ignorance is gone
I'm clinging to my time

There's something in the air i breath tonight
Everything gets stock in black and white
Everything is ups and downs
Every single thing

Back in the days when we were gods
When we took everything for granted

We were wild and we were young
We bent the rules and took our chances
But i'm not really close to giving in
I'm fighting every pound and every inch
Losing every day i live
Every single day
But i don't want to feel the way i do
I don't want to say the things i do
I just want to stay right here
Blinded but sincere

These are the days when we are gods
And we take everything for granted
We are wild and we are young
We fuck the rules and take our chances
There's something in the air

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