Bruce lee pack punches like brown bag lunches
He get busy on the bad guy now why you wanna flow fly
Float like a butterfly sting you in the sphincter
I got flavor like jolly rancher be taking you out like cancer
Always got the answer I?m easy on the eye kid
Candy's what I taste like you're like a Madonna hybrid
Booty booty that's right be taking you out on fight night
Be flippin smith barney outa the back of the coupe your pants droop
Baggy baggy britches i'll be leavin you in stitches
I knew this chic in pasadena'd grant me sixty-nine wishes
Now you're waiting on your savior trying to change your behavior
Cause nineteen ninety nine be rollin out the box soon exavior
Hollander the prostitute be booty bangin out the chute
Be lookin good in a three piece honey but baby you're so wack you got

Skeletons in the closet
Everybody's got some
But seein is believin and I think I?ve seen enough of your bones

Stick it in your wallet call it whatever you want to call it
In the business they call me sire I ain't ready to retire
Buster good stuff baby baby oh you drive me crazy
I been shaving my pussy clean for years cause that?s the way you likes
Button down I?m off the hook marylin manson got the look
You wanna party with ole king pancho you know that I am the head honcho
Oh yeah I?m ready ready now get set don?t fret my punch goes pow
I?m a lover not a buster baby don?t kick me in my nuts I got bones

Pussy gonna getcha if you don?t watch it it?ll let ya
Throw your pride right down the drain you got that pussy on the brain
Babylon five Mr. goodbar in bangelamaine chasing the dragon your wagons sagging I think you know what I?m sayin
I?m saying your fishin for fanny spankin your monkey manny
Mostly in it for fun but now everybody?s granny got the goods
You know she had to you know she had your daddy
She be acting all sweet and nice now but back in the day she was baddy she got bones

That guy I saw you with last night you say he?s just a friend
But when you came home late last night your face it smelled like cock again
Baby your playing me saying to me that you?ll be true to me
Saying girls just want to have fun baby I've got to run
Damnit I dig it I stick it I hit it I quit it
I love it when you roll it out the box and let me lick
But baby I?m done I?m through with those crazy things you do
I ax you what that stuff was on your titties you say its glue
Aha oh yeah alright cant take another night
I?m lateriffic out the door cant see you anymore you got bones

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