This decision is like running in circles
It makes no sense; it's like talking stupid
The decisions that you make so plain to see it's obvious
Predictable, yet nonetheless I keep on breathing
You wake up and get out of bed you're in shambles
You're tumbling back as the story unravels
And every time you say none of this makes sense to me
In a world that all seems make-believe
Is there any hope for me?
Is there anyone out there worth trusting?

And I feel the same a feeble attempt just to clear the fence
That I have around me
From here on out its blue skies and miles of new car scent
This feeling is dumbfounding

And I'll feel this way again
Probability nine out of ten
And if this reoccurs I'll have a friend to help me keep on breathing
Every time that you fade away
I'll try my best to keep straight faith
This marks the dawn of a new day
In all surroundings

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