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I'm Not Gonna Cry


There's something in the way you hold me
I can feel the distance when I touch you
There's somethig gone like you looked in me
I always sondered what it's like when loves new
What's going on in your heart
Am I wrong cause I feel you pull away
And as I'm asking you why
Oh why

Im na na na na not gonna cry
I'm not gonna break
If you say good bue
I'm na na na na not gonna cry
I just wanna know if we're livin' a lie
Oh Oh

You know I'm stong enough to take it
If you got you know it wouldn't throw me
And if you really think it's over
You can walk but don't you do it slowly, boy
I don't want you to see (my baby)
What's going on in my heart if you should leave
But if you look in my eyes (in my eyes)

(Chorus repeat)

maybe some day I'll look back and see I cried
(cried inside)
But today there ain't a tear for me to hide
And I couldn't tell you why...

(Chorus repeat)

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