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Baby Blue


Baby blue, this is not the sky that you know
Still you smile, while your jewels and your rings sparkle slow
You wanted to fly, but crashing down you go

Oh baby blue, never think of home
It's a razor blade, It's a cross for your back
And he lied when he said he'd come back
You wanted to fly, it seems like a flood a river of blood inside

Want to try but it all tastes too sweet
And every guy is just rewind repeat

Oh oh oh, here we are again
Oh oh oh, here we are again

All of your gold, all you your smiles
All of your love, all of your whiles
All of you joy, all of your pain
Now it's all gone you've started again
All of you time in bubblegum days
Why do things change, why don't they stay the same

All of your hope, all of your heart
All of your heat, all of your dark
Secrets you keep, all to be part
Of the love that you keep, I would just try to
Drag you from deep, wake you from sleep
Bring you back home
There I would keep you safe