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'B' Word


Let's do it!
They sayin 'Face you need to slow down dude
You refer to hoes as bitches and that ain't cool
I tell 'em look out fool, I ain't Al Sharpton
My name Brad Jordan, I don't beg pardons
Don't get me wrong I got respect for black ladies
But black hoes and ladies, ain't the same baby
And lately, I've been checkin out new prospects
And you can catch me in the projects
Huntin fo' that Next Top Model
Cute with a shape like a coke bottle, suck a dick and won't swallow
Yeah, yet that's degradin her still
To ladies, if you ain't fuckin her the next nigga will
Instead of trippin on who callin a bitch
You maybe need to focus on who fuckin his chick
If you a weak nut, we bop, never hit a G spot
Nuttin too quick and scared to play with the clit
Pullin her hair while you callin her bitch
Shit you missin the point, you need to ask what she want
(Want me to stick my finger in your booty) {OKAY~!}
You can't turn a hoe into a housewife
I don't give a fuck what she look like
She can have an ass like Buffy
and a face like Janet, head so good you can't stand it
But you still can't manage
To keep her off of them streets, cause she's skanless
Fuckin every nigga with a bankroll
How you fall in love with a stank hoe
Now you're blowin up her cell phone and she won't answer
Trippin for a dude like a dancer
And that's sick like cancer
Man this bitch is trash and he's at her
Dawg you dealin with a fucked up babe
With fucked up ways, it's fucked up but hey!
A new day, and niggaz gotta listen
And if she got some dudes that she hang with
You better watch that bitch cause she dangerous
A lady got a man at the house
A bitch got her best friend man in her mouth
And she don't give a fuck about a ring
The kid, the 15 years this brings
She'll fuck you in your house in the bed you're about
Leave the sheets full of drip stains, wash her pussy off
then bounce, now you at home with a soft dick
Feelin bad, try to shake this bitch
But you scared of the outcome, she might tell
or get drunk, feel guilty, come by and try to sell it
to your wife like it's yo' fault, duck at all costs
And if that ain't a bitch, what's a bitch, I'm lost
A hoe will jump dick to dick to get paid
But a bitch fucks yo' shit up so just wait
Cain't nobody else prosper, she live for the gossip
Hates to see the next bitch happy so she knocks her
She hates yo' man and hates yo' friends
But a bitch is a bitch is a bitch in the end
(I know you you ain't call me no bitch)
(Talkin about a ring and a dick in the mouth)
(You just a bitch-ass nigga)
(Fuck me not your wife bitch!)
(I don't have a beef motherfucker)

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