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I'm bring down the house
And I'm throwing things around
And I don't care because I'm not scared
If I let it all out

And you say I'm causing a scene
But you can't see what I mean
But I can't stop till I get what I want
Until I am complete

I'm over blown
And I know
It can't be, any other way for me
I'm over blown
And I know
I can't be, how they want me to be

I know enough's enough
I can't handle all that much
There's a pressure point, and a boiling point
When thing just get to much

And you know I can't pick sides
Between my dreams and my real life
I got no energy to get up and leave
Or give you a high five


And I got to know why
Every time I cry
That I can't take any more
All you can do is sit and ignore me

I know you've heard it before
But I'm meaning it more and more
But I can't get out of bed today
And I can't get out ever again


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