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Exterminating Angel

Secret Chiefs 3

-hard to hear this part:
I am Whore and Holy One
Here to destroy everyone
Harvest Moon and Evil Eye
Behind me the Sun does die-

He has established the Darkness
and He has established the Light
Who was it that planted you here
When you were a seed of power?

Sprout or cower into nothingness
All is punishment and sepulchur
Learn, there is only one way
To exist after the elements

Stand Up
Why do you think that you live?
Stand Up
Or rot there you motherfucking worm

The Watchers sent the winds for your strength
But you bury your head back in earth
Coward you fall to your knees
Before your "holy" delusions...

[arabic chanting??]

Did you think that you would survive
The transition from belief to the Real?
By choosing such a "life" over death
You forsake the True Conversion

You who tremble in fear
At the signatures of the Nephelim
Prepare to meet your God
For you know nothing of Him

Stand Up
Why do you think that you live?
Stand Up
Or die there you motherfucking worm.

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