Underneath The Concrete

Secret Machines

Just as the moment arrived
Became a second a fall
It wasn't over then
I want some light to come in

They looked older besides
Coming down behind
Was I the only one?
Was I the only one?

They were waiting down by the second street stop
Was it the first time I had ever seen anyone
Was I alone?
And on the wrong side looking for you
Underneath the concrete there ain't no place to move

They'd stolen all of our wings
Beneath a golden ring
It was the kind you'd use
It was the kind you'd use

I was waiting down
And the second I stopped
The walls started closing in
I'd already given everything
Was I alone?
I was awake
For the last time ready to run
Run until the concrete stops
Stop and give in
There's no way to win
There's nothing to win

Last time I had been there waiting
Overcast and summer day
Back to nowhere
Up to know you
Now I'm needed suddenly

They couldn't find the cause
If there was only one
And if they're waiting for you
And they'll be watching for you
Were they still down by the second street stop?
And then, was it the only time I had ever seen anyone
Or was I alone?
Was I too late?
For a moment I was forced to choose
Underneath the concrete looking for some space to move
I could be running to the sidewalk's end for the rest of my days
Looking for the faintest light, slipping away
Slipping away
Away, away

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