When all alone in my chair
I just go 'bout wishing
I wanna be strong, I really wanna be trusted!

When all alone in my bed
I just go 'bout yearnig
I wanna be cool, I also wanna be like him!

But that's not something I can do so easily
This is not simply my way, my style
Gotta gat a hold of my life!

(Chorus[repeat on *])
I wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Sombody will be
Waiting for me so I have gotta fly higher
Gotta keep going
Everything is a brand new challange for me
I will belive in myself
This is the only start for me

When all alone in my sleep
I just go about dreaming
I see myself there, having the same adventure

If I follow you, I'll never see the light
Now's the time to find my way through this life
I try so hard to be stong!

My freinds help me out, in return I help them
Certain things I can do and things that only I can do
Noone's alone!

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