I never trusted all those,
Who spoke about love with the thick Book in hands.
I escaped from the worn out schemes,
I was afraid to be at all in fools.

Until I have not died

On turn squeal of brakes,
Then impact and a shot of fire in heavens.
On sidewalk blood …
On it from above flows look my eyes.

I did not feel a pain.
I did not feel fear.
I saw only light and love
In His eyes.
I did not trust, that behind feature someone is,
I did not trust in a long way endlessly.
Yet Jesus…
With eyes of my father has not seen that beside here.

I still should have time to tell,
That wait for us with love in heavens.
That there is still time to accept,
All that love, having overlooked about mountain and fear.

Until I have not died

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