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Sha Boom

I, i love rock'n roll music
And i know how to use it oh yeah
When i play my guitar
And you must think that i
I will act it together
I'm really chasin' black leather yeah yeah
Like a rock'n roll star

East to west and north to south
Every where the kids will shout
We will rock!! we will rock!!
Cause it's good for your body and soul
Oh can't you hear'em play

R.o.c.k rock'n roll music
From the new york streets
To the beach of l.a
R.o.c.k rock'n roll music
All across the u.s.a
I wanna hear now
C'mon and show me how
One two three four, rock'n roll

Wow wow hey
Put a dime in the jukebox
And gimme some of that rock stuff oh yeah
And turn it up loud
So let yourself go
When everybody is crazy
I say mama we're crazy now yeah yeah
So let it all out.

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