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Narcotic vision (the meeting)

Shadows Land

I explain to myself - Too much drugs?
Maybe i'm sick?
I close my eyes and the darkness
Becomes the eternity,
I feel -Your- world going away,
This moment like a fly on a shit,
Rotting bodies , Everlasting scream,
I feel the stench of human existence
And god is late for the meeting
I see myself slashing my flatmate's artery,
I go further, Faster, I run, I feel relife,
Warmth is going through my backbone
The washing - Mashine is spin - Drying,
The hum of everyday news on the radio,
A head in my hands....
I keep it and see it in harmony with my emotions,
Suddenly so calm at the moment
The eternity is so blessed
And god is still late for the meeting...

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