The rainbows only...
Black and white!

I'm always right
This painting is picturesque
Everything is seemless and quaint
Or could i be wrong?

Like alice saw the rabbit
I saw it for the first time--
This pattern ahs veered, This rhyme is wrong
Untill i realise...

The Rainbows only...
Black and white.

What once was nice has now dissolved
The greastest myth of anger solved
I dont like it, im transfixed by it
Dont start something unless you stick by it

The rainbows only

The greatest plan, a clan of man
sitting waiting in the corner
Cold and shaking, wrapped in distaste
Shameful nods, this party a waste

So the rainbows only Black And White!!
Black and white!!!

Do you choose this fate of type?
Followed whats mimed, the guidelines of time
So is your rainbow black and white?
Do you go gently into night?

Not what it seems!!

Black and White!!!

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