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Little Good-Byes


(Ooooo, Ooooo)
I'm gonna tell you something you don't wanna hear
You never listen when I talk
Maybe you'll listen when I walk
So I made my mind up and made a sandwich
And I didn't shed a tear
I gave you one last minute of my time
In this mess I left behind
When you come home tonight
And turn on the light
Don't you be surprised to find

My little goodbyes
Empty hangers by the closet door
Lipstick tube on the bathroom floor
My little goodbyes
Unpaid bills by the kitchen phone
I took the Beatles, left Billy Joel
Little goodbyes, little goodbyes

I'm sure, you're sure I'll be back in just an hour or two
You'll tape a Hallmark to my door
They always said it better than you
And if you're wondering
When you're gonna hear from me
Well, take a real good look around boy
And it won't be hard to see
When you come home tonight and turn on the light
Don't you be surprised to find

My little goodbyes
Took your favorite Dodger's hat
Left the litter, but I took the cat
My little goodbyes
Loaded up the TV in the back of my car
Have fun watching the VCR
Little goodbyes, oh baby, little goodbyes

So, cry to your mama
And your sympathetic friends and tell 'em
And tell them how the story ends

My little goodbyes
Took the hourglass, left the sand
Now you got time on your hands
My little goodbyes
Took the statue from Japan
Funny little Buddha man

My little goodbyes
Change my voice on the machine
Or there'll be little goodbyes with every ring
My little goodbyes
Left the pictures and took the frame
I've got the umbrella, here comes the rain
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Little goodbyes
Rain - yeah, yeah, yeah
Little goodbyes
Hey, hey - yeah, yeah, yeah
Hey, hey - yeah, yeah, yeah
Little goodbyes

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Compuesta por: Jason Deere / Kenny Greenberg / Kristyn Osborn. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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