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I Want To Fall In Love

Sherrie Austin

I was trapped
in a castle tower
Locked up in chains
I waited for my prince
to save me
But he never came

I woke up
with my heart pounding
convinced that I was cursed
I picked up
a romance novel
and read the last page first
Ohhh ohhh woe is me

I want to fall in love
so hard it hurts
I want the kind of love
that moves the earth
I want more than I can take
'Til my poor heart
starts to ache
I want to fall in love
so hard it hurts

I took a ride with a guy
from tupelo
In his Chevrolet
He said baby we're moving
way too fast
And slammed on the brakes
We got out and
he lit a cigarette
We didn't say too much
He packed up his
emotional baggage
and left me in the dust
Ohhh ohhh woe is me

(repete refrão)

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Written by: John Paul Daniel / Sharna Harrington-Burkhart / Sherrié Austin. Isn't this right? Let us know.