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Then It Will All Be Over

Sherry Brice

If you're leaving in the morning don't wake me up to say goodbye
I'll be dreaming back of you or so back to our first hello
And don't want to wake up just to cry

I'll just kiss you for the last time if you're asleep you'll never know
I'll tuck the covers round you tightly tiptoe out so very lightly
Turn the lights out in our world then I'll go

Then it will all be over someone from the past got in our way
Then it will all be over oh but we're waking up to face the day

Please don't tell me where you're going I may not always be this strong
If too much crying starts coming down I may go running round
To another world where I don't belong

No I won't wake you just to tell you where I'll be if you don't want to know
Though deep inside I will be weeping I'll leave you sleeping
Close the door to our world then I'll go

Then it will all be over...

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