Will I stay where it's safe and sound?
Or will I fight 'till I hit the ground?
Inside this bitter cage, all the flowers wilt down in the crimson sky

Take my hand, will we run or stay
In this world, full of cruelty?
Will we take arms
With the hopes to see the sun again?

We pray

Do we lack the strength to fight?
Have we lost the will to fly?

The world is dark
The world is cruel
But still, we hang on tight

If this final breath could somehow save this world
I'd breathe my last sigh and close my tired eyes
And all the ones we lost, we'd find again
In this beautiful world we've wished for

But the world grows darker
We can't recover
This narrow cage that we depend on slowly crumbles

Is this the end we cannot mend?
We're slowly dying
If we're here, even with fear
We must keep fighting

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