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Highschool Punk Not Fully Complete


Ace in the hole
the kings of rock and roll
we sold our souls a long time ago
level with the devil
we smoke and we drink
and i do say that just to make you think

Fucked up and hanging with my friends

Now is the time the mad rocker's in town
when the party starts when the lights go down

Fucked up and hanging with my friends

We're a group of G.T.
a pile of money
and everything in life that you thought was funny

Fucked up and hanging with my friends

Highschool Punk
to Old School Rocker
to Beautiful girls
Lets Go

We're gonna take Over

Roll in the sack
or in the back seat
with a roach on the dash
to make it complete

Fucked up and Hanging with my friends

A hot rod flames
A great tatoo
And everything except appearance is strictly taboo

Fucked up and hanging it with my friends

We can kung foo fight
in the late night
a free x-ride
straight to daylight

Fucked up and hanging with my friends


Fucked up and hanging with my friends

Listen to hexes with excess cuts
Lived to fast and fucked too hard

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