Photo of the artist Shrek

This Is How Dreams Come True


This is how a dream comes true.
This is how I pictured him.
Climbing in to rescue me.
This was always mean to be.

This is how a scene must go.
Standing there the light just so.
Then you smile and gaze at me.
Take my hand on bended knee.
Bended knee.
Bended knee!

So even though we only met.
Somehow I always knew,
it would look like this
When dreams come true.


Hey, What are you doing?

I have to save my ass.

Easy im in heels!

I've longed for this my whole life long.
and now your doing it all wrong!
Got a rope a steed awaits.
Thats what every story sates.
Riding over ruff terrain.
Pass the dragon you have slayed.
you have slayed
you have slayed

Its on my to do list.

This is how I pictured it.
More or less I must admit.
Fulttering in my heart.
A life about to start.
I knew this day would come,
and you would find your way,
At last my dream comes true.
I knew, I knew, I knew,
it would be today!

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