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So you think you're ready are you ready for this
Another plan tikin' it that's rightwe call it the hitlist
You don't want to miss this, we roll it up tight
With the proprand daps, not making the myths
I'm just stating the facts, I'm just stating the facts , it'sbeen on from the verse
Going straight to the top just a thought that I brought
Why not set it off, now, turning heads with our style, quickreaction
I got what you want no need for asking
The bends, the trends, I'm hitting all the loose ends
You'll be screaming that shit now come again and again
So if you thought that you just might have to miss this
You get caught up in the hitlist

What, on the hitlist

Stick 'em up, yes it's time for some action
I got the tracks on wax guaranteed to give you fullsatisfaction
ut all I really want to know is if you're down with this
Now if you re then pump your fists like this
And get down with the shuvel kicking up the noise
For the suckers talking shit a middle finger's employed
And we come top notch like a sure shot dropping the
It's going down you know it don't stop
Turn it up on the volume got no time for your stalling
I make a quick dash I hear the herb calling
Coming like this from the 316 now you motherfuckers know
you get caught up in the hitlist

What, on the hitlist

Bump that shit yeah, bump, bump, bump, bump,
Bump that shit yeah bump that
Can't stop what we brought from this hitlist
Our time starts set it off with the hitlist
Can't stop what we drop from the hitlist
You get dropped when you fuck with the hitlist

I break you off one time on the hitlist
You I'm fucking it up on the hitlist
And I'm down to clown on the the hitlist
Yo get dropped when you fuck with the hitlist

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