Well c´mon everybody and Let´s get together tonight
I got some money in my jeans And I´m really gonna spend it right
Well I´ve been doin´ My homework all week long
Now to have some fifty And my folk are gone
Ooh! C´mon everybody

Oh well, my baby´s number one
But I´m gonna dance with three or four
And the house will be shakin´ From the bare feet
A-stampin´ on the floor
Well when you here the music, You can´t still
If your brother won´t rock, Your sister will
Ooh! C´mon everybody

Oh well, we really haven´t money But we gotta put a guard outside
If the folks come home I´m afraid, they´re gonna have my hide
There´d be no more movies For a week or two No more runnin´ ´round with the usual crew
Who cares? C´mon everybody

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