Standing together


Can i have the last glass of wine ?
And i´ll get out of here
I know it´s too late

Let´s all drink to celebrate good times
And if the morning comes
We´ll hide our tears again

The rainbow chaser
Got lost in the clouds
Lookin´ for colours
To paint her a crown

Feeling this old is
Understanding that my life wasn´t lived
What´s more grace to come

Growing up knowing
That i have to grow up
To love myself
I´m a - sight on earth

Travel without you
Blind in my shell
To fill up my emptiness
In my pictures

Standing together
Drawing the youngest light of day

Smiling forever
We bless the joy
That takes us away

Babe you know i´ll never let you down
And alone on the breeze
Next to you (tou) i´m ridding...

...all the roads,drying all our tears
And thinkin´
In this open sky

Send me a letter
I´ll cut all the words
I´ll put them together
To find the word love

You don´t know how i need
Your caress (caresses)
My voice flows by your side
When we sing
Sha la la
Sha la la

I just sing for the lovers today
Please stop the war and just
Say sha la la
Sha la la

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