Costeau's zodiac


We make this sound that
We play some beat in the street it
Hypnotizing all you kids

Such a cool time
What we are
Is a fallen star sailing to your arms
Wanna hide ourselves behind
Lying mask keeping us in our shell

We have a boat, we don
But the motor shoots the sweetest notes
To guide your mind through the misty yard

Such a down time
Drops of lime
Who the hell do you think you are?
Leave this broken plastic lunch
There you only fed your vulnerable self

( 1.- ) We jump around
We dance the sky
We ride the stars
To sneak out

So many things they used to say...
...That we lost our minds
But we

Jacques Cousteau
A zodiac with our lies
We forgot just a thought
Feeling so hot
How to berth it in the dock

Such a down time
Now we are
Fallen stars crashed in our disease
Who the hell do we think we are?
Here we are loosing our tangerine trees

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