Musica In Tempora Belli


The beast lies within their eyes
They feast upon their sweet lies
The shrieks unheard to be heard by the dead
They once fed, they once bred
Their ears are deafened, their eyes are blinded
They have no tongues to speak their truth
The words are buried in the smoke of fires
The curse is sung by the dead men's choir

I am not the one who seeks for the truth
That's buried in heaven
I am not the one who fears the tribulations in hell
The one who seeks for the vengeance to be slowly done
I am not the one who waits for (the) curse
Which I know falls on none

They burned my flesh
They burned my soul
They burned my shadow
They burned my blood
They burned my love
They burned my hate
They burned my pleasure
They burned my pain

The fire burns the eyes to see I've got
The fate confined in the burning tombs
No flowers to bloom in the ashes on which I lie
Unleashed up us unwanted doom
Death begins to show its shadow
Shriek shot through my shivering womb
My blood-shod grave, so shabby and shallow
A hoof on the devil is proof of evil

The fire burns the tongue to speak
For the truth in ashes I have to seek
Screamer, redeemer or is it silence
Like a spear to my ears
I'm falling from the throne blind
I'm crawling through the stain of blood
I'll be slain, insane, in vain
As I was
As I was
As I was burned in hell
I've seen it
I've seen it
I've seen it
Yes, hell does exist

The fangs to be sharpened seek another prey
Blood to be shed brings death to be done
Life is denied when our dawn draws so nigh
I'll be chained to the stain of blood
King of slaughter
Sins to be scattered, crucified upon the burning throne
The unwelcome spawn is
To be stoned but never to be moaned

I am not the one who waits for the tragedy that I'll be given
I am not the one who yearns for death to be forgiven
I am not the one who sacrificed my own (sacred) flesh
I am not the one who sacrifices my own (filthy) blood
Denial or betrayal
The warning came but it was too late
The angels bleed to sate their greed
Yes demon's greed, and never to be freed
Denial or betrayal
The angels bleed to feed the evil
Only to be preyed upon their seed, I plead!

I am not the devil though my way might not be right
I am not the devil even if my hands are filled with blood
Oh God do you kill us for your own fun?
Like a stain of what has been done

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