I need the power

The principle of all things, that rules us all the time
The hidden power my lust evokes, known in ancient rhyme
Turning sexual energy into the power to kill
Ritual pleasure sets it free and fullfills my will

At the burial site on a moon-shrouded night
Searching for a skull to complete my altar
The skull of the wise or of the high priests
The skull of a king to awake the inner beast

Who is calling my name? I pray for power!

Unholy sexuality brings me to a realm you'll never see
Feel my wrath rise and it will set my lust free
Shingontachikawa, the ancient cult - the dark belief
I hold you high

The skull as a symbol of the supreme evil, I hold you high!
Grant to me all the powers of darkness!

I need the power

Seven years of the secret rite before the decollated skull
All will be achieved tonight, sky is blackened, moon is full
The incense of hangonkou burnt
More than a thousand times
Mandala on the skull starts to glow, it's time for you to die

The lord of evil, in shadow, appeared to me
Gave me knowledge, and spoke to me of sanze
Crossed the abyss between past, present, future
The forbidden wisdom, for now I possess jintsu

I've got the power!

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