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Can We Make Love


Everytime I think about all the little freaky things you do
Makes me wanna touch you girl makes me wanna brush up into your
Even though I'm hanging out page me girl that's all you gotta do
Never had a love so good and baby I'm glad that you're my boo

Let's make love
like the very very very first time
I wanna make love
can I feel you up from behind
Let's make love
I wanna hear you tell me that it's all mine,mine mine
can we,can we make love 2x's

Feels so good with me inside
I'm glad you let me in between your thighs
let me lick you up and down and please your body till you scream out loud
Toss your body back and forth,turn around so I can watch your ride yeah
I like the way you make me sweat oh baby your love has got me high


Well it's been awhile since I had someone to turn me on from head to toe
girl you're all I need
You're all I need
girl you're all I need
so let's make love
make love,make love
cause baby me so horny me love you a long time


can we, can we make love 6x's

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