I've got some paper and a stereo...
For me to clear my head
It's like no one can ever hear me though…
'Cause every breath is so pathetic

I hear you whisper and the…
Rumors stick to every finger
It's like I'm drowning in the ones…
Pointing back at me

This simple sleight of hand
Is fooling everyone
I'm wrapped around your finger

We tremble
To break the silence
Calling us out

But I won't stop right here…
I guess my point is proven
That the person I was yesterday…
Should probably be ignored

I'm sick and tired of excuses…
Yea! I've heard every plea
It's like I'm drowning in your waters…
When I kick and scream

We tremble
To break the silence
Calling us out
This pride is, this pride is
And this pride is…
Taking our ship down

This wall that I've built up
In this selfish fashion
Has just turned to ashes
And you're holding the matches

You showed me how
To quit flashing my gold plated heart
Lest I forget whatever pencil or speaker barbiturate
My name is still written underneath yours

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