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Everything Around Me Is Changing

Sinead Lohan

This high and mighty morning won’t help you anymore.
You can’t scrape me from the floor.
Everything around me is changing.

And I’m tempted by the witches who go waltzing in the forest.
They come calling to me nightly.
Everything around me is changing.

And isn’t this always what I wanted.
Isn’t it just what I always wanted?
This is only what I want.
Everything around me to be changing.

And you can send your letter to the same address.
I tend to but I won’t digress.

Your head high ‘cos you do your best.
The days are better but the night's still strong.
It falls down and I do belong somewhere underneath this song.
Now I’m tasting your ill flavour
Gather near while I am stranger.
Turn your back while I am brave.
Everything around me is changing.

And didn’t I say it in my own letter.
I will always make you better.
Bring yourself over to me.
Everything except me is changing.
(Repeat first verse)

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Written by: Sinéad Lohan. Isn't this right? Let us know.
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