Got a real fine freak with a real big butt,
she gets real ill when she hears my cuts,
got two Cadillacs one blue one gold,
got straps on the back with a fresh set of Vogues,
wheel in the back with a grill in the front,
24K gold on my trunk,
got a rope like a python hangin round my neck,
got my freak in my arms cold kickin on the set,
never get ill cause I´m too damn swass,
got a funky Trans-am with a duel exhaust,
L.A. is mine but Seattle is my home,
hood ornament is gold cause I don't like chrome.

That's rippin

Now that's rippin

Chillin never illin in the place to be,
down with m-i-x-a-l-o-t,
on the west coast drivin' big Cadillacs
snow white paint job with the wheel in the back
suckas talk smack 'cause they cannot game
But you gotta have a brain in the computerized game
You get mad 'cause your girl wants to play my song
You know you wanna hear it, put the record back on

I'm a real estate investor, hardcore dresser
Money counting brother and I hate polyester
Walking on the wild side, pullin' gold snaps
I know you're getting jealous 'cause I got it like that
Cruise Broadway on my cellular phone
Spend a hundred thousand dollars on a brand new home
Dog in the front yard fence in the back
Freak by my side in the Fila hat

Rip This

Rolling in the Nissan kicking my beats
With my girl by my side looking oh so sweet
Got Fila on my feet and gold on my neck
Hardcore I carry cash and I never write checks
Bank roll so big I can hardly hold it
You once had a dream that your grandma stole it
Punched her in the eye and took my bank back
You ever wonder why I'm like that

'Cause I'm rippin'
Now that's rippin'

You like this beat but it´s tI´me to change
Not gonna get ill but I'm gonna get strange
Push your partner throw 'em in the aisle
Gonna kick it live with the "Square Dance" style

I'm a rippin' motherfucker that's my last name
When I get wild freaks go insane
Rip it to the left, and a rip it to the right
Gonna bust hardcore on my freaks tonight
Grab your partner get up in his face
Home girl put the sucka in his place
Seven days a week I'm on vacation
Lets get live with the kid sensation

TI´me to get ill just one more tI´me
Kid Sensation with a new fresh rhyme
All the fly chicks hangin' on our tip
Keep the girlies come with my bullwhip
All sucker DJ's I will swat
Call ill hip-hoppin' with Mix-A-Lot
There's girls that'll dance and girls that won't
Cause this jam rips and other ones don't

Rollin' down the avenue picking up points
I like to count bank but I don't roll joints
I'm a hardcore B-Boy sitting on a throne
Never hanging on Ave, just kick it at home
Girlies in Cal like to feel my beats
Great big kick drums get more freaks
Some sucker MC's say "they can't feel it"
But I'd bet you'd be happy if I let you steal it

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