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Strange Cup Of Tea

Sister Hazel

Sometimes I wake with a weary head,
And I wonder how I'll ever get through,
Then I think of the things you said,
How you told me to myself be true.

My faith in things uneen,
My belief that it'll all work out,
May seem like a strange cup of tea,
But if it's all right with you,
Then it's alright with me.

Oh my feet I walk, with my legs I run,
In my arms I'll hold another day.
With my head I think, from my heart I sing,
And with my hands to my face I pray.

There's times I feel with the strains of life,
I could just turn around, turn around walk away.
Then a strength like a beam from above,
Lifts me up by the hand and it leads me to say.

Good things for good people you see,
Good things they seem to all work out,
may seem like a strange cup of tea
But if it's all right with you
Well it's all right with me.


Getting' by ain't enough for me.
I know what I like I like what I see.
I'm not only flesh and blood.
but I'm heart and soul i know, whoa.

Somtiems i feel at the end of the day,
Was it worthwhile or have I settled for less?
I sit back and you're there by my side,
Sincerely you say, we're both so blessed

Count your blessings count them one, two, three.
Don't give up cause it'll all work out.
It may seem like a strange cup of tea,
But if it's all right with you,
It's just fine with me.


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