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Coming To Your Town


Living n' breathing music
I love singin' songs people can move in
Rhyth and rhythm's how I spent my time
N' when I say sing I don't mean mime :)

Well I wouldn't change the thin 'bout the way it's been
Working hard to reach my dreams
N' nothing can keep me off the stage, I'll be playing for therest of my days
Town to town, city to city, chaos n' lights, playing long nigts
Endless hours on the road,
Sometimes it seems that you'll never get home!

More than anything I love to sing,
It used to be my childhood dream
Now I sing on crowds of faces, n' love playin' differentplaces,
N' when the people sing wit me, feels so sweet y'can't believe
When I'm onstage I'm so alive
Think I could do this for the rest of my life!

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