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Killing Game

Skinny Puppy

Fallen angel head crashes dead out of control lost memoriesstaircase
twists darker rooms lit with left out toys after playing menchanges toys
into tools twisted playthings on the staircase fools whoseweapons
represents the killing game who taught the killing game? whotaught the
killing game? awaken eyes sewn wearing glasses dripping tappingat the
temple door locked inside scream inner scraping tooth and nailnowhere to
go quiet retraces forcing light tears then pretend nothing blindsminds
closed in sanctuary closed in sanctuary padded walls not quietstorms fury
burned out killing time who taught the killing game? time'staught the killing
game herself i taught the killing game first passing wordsdistant pain
remember trains of thought collide no one view window pushingfaces
through sharp cold glass poke bloody holes exposed I taught thekilling
game first I taught the killing game first till at last youregret tortured
animals wake up time beckons death upon myself eyes travelledharden
strange no stronger feeling tempting motion slows to a crawlplaces his
weaponry and it's a trap let go the springs snap shut gazes showsharper
teeth giving in to the jaws of death I taught the killing game Itaught the
killing game first i taught I taught I taught the game first. first....

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