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I bought my angel on the fourth of july
I didn't plan it, it just happend that way
and i guess faith stepped in again,
cuz I needed him then

When I bought him the said are you sure?
No refunds, returns or exchanges because:
ones he's yours he's yours for good
now you behave like an angel should

cuz I saw it on tv
they were selling peaces of heaven
and I thought, hey what about me
When am I considered.. ooh

I chained my angel through the eaves through
It was november and I think I pissed him off
He's mad but I don't care
You're my Angel so there

I figured it's only about sixty more years
So come on Angel, stop all the tears
Come sing me a song or two
Whatever it is you Angel's do

Cuz I saw it on tv
They were selling peaces of heaven
And I thought, Hey what about me?
When can I make reservations.. ooh

My pet angel's got a long lost friend
who says he's comming back when the world ends
when us humans have lost our touch
god never liked people that much

cuz he saw it on tv
they were selling peaces of heaven
and he thought, well how can this be?
what in the hell are they thinkin

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