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I tried 2 weeks without you
I missed your smell in the air
I saw your face in a daydream
But lost you in a nightmare
You’re so dangerous
She only wants when there's two of us
And I ain’t sharing her with no one else
A could hate but don’t want to

Money in my pocket but it can’t buy me love
Eyes so green like she come from above
Mona June, without you
I would have never seen the world like I do

I was a little bit lost before
Before I looked into your eyes
You see in life there’s different stories
Or different ways for you to hide
She keeps a smile upon my face
Knowing your love is always there
She only wants me when there's two of us
And I ain’t holding out to share

Can’t go on without you
Always in my life
Never knew what I'd do
If you weren’t always right
In front of me in times
Of trouble where everyday
Is like another little remedy
Well I'm a keeping you close so
I can sleep at night

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